Young Men of Color Program

What is the Pre-Health Exposure Program for Young Men of Color?

Mentoring in Medicine & Science and EMS Corps, with funding provided by the Alameda County Health Pipeline Partnership, are piloting a program to engage Young Men of Color in a Pre-Health exposure program at Oakland Technical High School.  The program will not only expose participants to a breadth of health careers and opportunities, but will also support them to apply to the Oakland Tech Health Academy.


The curriculum will include hands-on discussions and workshops.  Additionally, students will be trained on a variety of skills and real world applications for the following:

  • Cardiovascular system
  • First aid
  • Trauma
  • CPR
  • Neurological system
  • Splinting
  • Respiratory system

Program Benefits

Students will have the opportunity to receive mentoring and academic support from MIMS and EMS Corps staff. Participants will also participate in:

  • Life coaching sessions on values, choices, character, leadership, and teamwork
  • Field trips to Stanford University, Highland Hospital, Fast Response School of Health Care Education and more
  • Career development and exploration
  • Networking opportunities with health professionals


To expose Young Men of Color to careers in the medical field, while providing them with academic support, mentorship, and support to apply for admission to Oakland Tech Health Academy.