Healthy Ambassador Program

The application period for HAP 2016-2017 is now closed.

What is the Healthy Ambassador Program?


Mentoring in Medicine & Science’s “Healthy Ambassador Program” (HAP) is a eight-month program where college and high school students are trained on a variety of health topics. The Healthy Ambassadors will subsequently educate middle and grade school students at selected Bay Area schools and after school programs on a variety of health topics.

Our goals are to promote healthy behaviors across many life stages. We aim to empower young adults to become leaders in their communities and equipping them with the tools necessary to disseminate proven techniques to combat and prevent health disparities.  Through mentorship, Healthy Ambassadors will be informed on health career opportunities and practice public speaking and presentation skills.



The purpose of the Healthy Ambassador Program is to promote leadership development and tiered mentorship by raising awareness about health inequities that disproportionately affect disadvantaged communities.




Program Benefits—Healthy Ambassadors will:

Networking Dinner with health professionals

Networking Dinner with health professionals

• Be trained and educated through a series of monthly workshops on anatomy and the prevention, treatment and physiology of various illnesses

• Learn about public health and community health issues

• Receive and practice public speaking, health education, and leadership skills while educating K-12 students on diseases and illnesses during the workshops at school sites

• Receive peer-to-peer mentorship and health professional mentorship

• Participate in professional and career development workshops (networking skills, communication skills, graduate school paths, etc.)

• Healthy Ambassadors will be trained from October 2016 through May 2017 by health professionals on the health education curriculum

• Healthy Ambassadors will also receive professional and career development trainings as they continue on their path to various healthcare careers


substance abuse workshop

Health Education Curriculum includes:

Health Education Training:

• Nutrition (with emphases in Diabetes and Hypertension)

• Disaster Planning and CPR

• Sexual Health

• Mental and Emotional Health

• Substance Abuse

Community Education:

• Healthy Ambassadors will host workshops at local K-12 schools, health fairs, and after-school enrichment programs

• Workshops will be held on a variety of topics including diabetes, nutrition, CPR, and sexual health

• Educate the community on different health disparities through school workshops and health fairs


HAP Application:

The Healthy Ambassador Program application cycle is now closed. 

For more information about the Healthy Ambassador Program, contact our program coordinator, Mario Eusebio, at

Watch a video about our Healthy Ambassador Program below!