Healthy Ambassador Program 2015-2016

Our Healthy Ambassador Program for 2015-2016 has kicked off! Our first training session took place on December 11th and we’re very excited to welcome this year’s cohort. Like our previous programs, we are training our students to host workshops in select Bay Area communities. This year’s curriculum will include the following:

  • Nutrition and healthy eating
  • Managing and preventing diabetes and hypertension
  • The cardiovascular system and cardiovascular health
  • CPR and bones safety

HAP members had the pleasure of working with Omonivie Agboghidi, Program Director with the Alameda County Health Coach Program and a past member of Mentoring in Medicine & Science. Ms. Agboghidi facilitated our first training session, and spoke with students about the fundamentals of nutrition and how to manage a healthy diet. Other activities that HAP members participated in consisted of reading nutrition labels correctly; members  had to distinguish the difference between natural and refined sugars, and determine how much sugar a person needs. Another activity allowed the students to create a plate with the recommended servings of each food group.

Our next training session will take place on January 8th, where students will be learning about the heart and lungs! Stay tuned for more blog updates and information.