Hot Cheetos: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly 1

Even guys need to stay beautiful and good-looking because who likes to have pimples?

-Jenny Liu,Healthy Ambassador Program 2011-2012

Who can resist hot cheetos? In college, I ate a lot of junk food and didn’t stick to my exercise schedule. After dealing with acne (pimples on my face) over many years, I decided to ditch the chips and sodas and began eating wheat thins and drinking good ol’ plain water. By changing a small part of my lifestyle, I was able to keep away some acne AND get back in shape by exercising daily.

But sometimes, we cheat a bit, and this was exactly what happened to me during Superbowl weekend. I was studying for a class on Saturday night and was trying very hard not to fall asleep. Coffee at 9pm would only turn me into a night owl, which I didn’t want because I needed to be awake on Sunday to watch the game. Mom just bought a large bag of hot cheetos from Safeway. Hmm…very tempting, I thought. Hot cheetos should awaken my senses. Instantly, I went into the kitchen and grabbed the bag, convincing myself that a few pieces wouldn’t bite!

The hot cheetos tasted so delicious! I couldn’t believe I’d stayed away from them for almost two years. One right after another, I lost count of how many I was putting into my mouth as I continued crunching. It sure did the trick of keeping me awake, but little did I know, I had already devoured half the bag by the time I finished studying. My taste buds were satisfied and I felt good that I was able to store more information into my head before bedtime.

When morning came, I could hardly get out of bed. My muscles were weak, my throat was itchy and dry, my nose was stuffy, and my head was hurting so much. I even found a canker sore underneath my teeth gums. Yup, this was going to be a “great” day. After measuring my temperature and taking some medicine, I headed back to bed. Around 3pm, I tried calling someone to bring me more water, but my voice was gone. It looked like my family was having a blast watching the Superbowl while I was sleeping off my fever.

From this experience, I learn that even half a bag of hot cheetos can lower your immune system (our body’s defense system that protects us from diseases and germs.) You may be wondering, “Wow! She’s so weak!” The main reason is NOT because I’m weak. In fact, to this day, I still exercise almost everyday and I eat lots of fruits and vegetables. However, I can’t fully blame the cheetos for my sickness. It’s the combination of stress, hormones, diet, and exercise that plays a big role in our immune system. In my case, I went overboard with the chips and I was sleep-deprived (not getting enough sleep.)

As students, it’s really important to maintain a balanced diet (what you eat) along with at least 25 minutes of daily activities. Jogging around your neighborhood, walking your dog, and doing chores at home all count as forms of exercises. I know, I know. It’s difficult when we have a pile of homework, but give yourself a chance to follow a good exercise routine. Always stay active! Don’t forget to get 7-8 hours of beauty sleep. That’s right. Even guys need to stay beautiful and good-looking because who likes to have pimples? Junk food, like my favorite hot cheetos, is okay but it’s all about moderation—Eat a couple of pieces at a party, NOT a bag at home.

Trust me, your face shows a lot about your overall health. Mine is mostly acne-free now, except this weekend when I went back to my old habits of unhealthy eating. For those who are lucky without pimples, you still want to watch out for junk foods because they weaken your immune system. You NEVER hear a doctor say, “Eat more chips, french fries, and hamburgers!” Try to eat less of these and your body will thank you for keeping it healthy and strong.
Do well in school, sleep well, exercise daily (sports, P.E., cleaning your room) and most importantly, DON’T EAT TOO MUCH HOT CHEETOS! Good luck =)

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